Notice / Document For Shareholders
Letter to SE 08.02.2023 Investor Presentation
Intimation of Investors meet dated 08.02.2023
Letter to SE_31.01.2023_Transcript Q3
Investors Meet Audio Clip 27.01.2023
Intimation of investors meet dated 25.01.2023
Transcript of 36th AGM
Investor Meet Intimation
Earning Call Transcript 16.11.2022
Investors Meet Audio Clip 14.11.2022
Investors Meet Intimation
Letter to SE investors call
Letter to SE Scrutinizer Report 30.09.2022
Final AGM Proceeding 36th AGM
Outcome of Investors meeting dated 26.09.2022
Outcome of Investors meet dated 20.09.22
Intimation of investors meeting
Intimation of Investors Meeting dated 20.09.2022
Intimation of AGM and Book Closure
Patanjali Foods Notice of AGM
Intimation of AGM and Book Closure Date
Newspaper Publication of Pre Dispatch of AGM Notice
Patanjali Foods Limited Presentation Review Dated 30.08.2022
Audio recording of Investors and Analysts Call 18.05.2022
Newspaper publication of postal ballot notice
Letter to SE Transcript Dated 23.02.2022
Letter to SE notice of Postal Ballot
Audio recording of invetors and analysts call
Notice of Postal Ballot Dated 18.05.2022
Intimation of investors meet Dated 18.05.2022
Intimation of Conference Call
FPO Notice
Price Band Advertisement
Abridged Prospectus
Patanjali Foods Limited ( formerly known as Ruchi Soya Industries Limited ) Red Herring Prospectus
Details of overdues to material creditors as on September 30, 2021
Report on Indian packaged food industry
Transcript of Proceedings of 35th AGM Dtd: 24.09.2021
Scrutiniser Report and voting result of 35th AGM
Newspaper Publication of Post Dispatch
Ruchi Soya Notice of AGM to be held on 24.09.2021
Preintimatin of Publication of notice of 35th AGM
Overdues to Material Creditors Dtd: 31.03.2021
Transcript of Proceedings of 34th AGM Dtd: 21.12.2020
Voting Result and Scrutinisers Report of 34th AGM
Proceedings of 34th AGM
AGM Notice 2019-20
Publication Of Notice Of AGM Pre Dispatch
RSIL Annual Return 2019-20
Scrutinizer's Report of 33rd AGM
Scrutinizer's Report and Voting result EGM Dated : 20.02.2020
EGM Notice Dated : 20.02.2020
Proceeding of 33rd AGM
Newspaper publication of 33rd AGM notice
Form MGT 9 2019
Intimation of 33rd Annual General Meeting
Disclosure under Insider trading Dated : 23/09/2019
Disclosure under Insider trading Dated : 13/09/2019
Intimation of publication of UFR Dated : 30/06/2019
Letter For Extension Of Date of AGM 2019 Dated : 23/09/2019
Disclosure Under Insider Trading Dated : 25/09/2019
Notice to Shareholders For Transferring Of Shares Dated : 01/08/2019
Guidance Note On How To Demat Shares
Proceedings of 32nd AGM
Publication of AGM notice 2018 dated 06.12.2018
Letter for extension of time of AGM Dtd 14.11.2018
Notice to shareholders for dematerialisation of equity shares
Letter for extension of time of AGM Dtd 31.10.2018
Detail of Employee Stock Option Scheme(ESOS)
Form MGT 9 2018
Intimation of 32nd Annual General Meeting
Transfer of Equity Shares IEPF Suspense Account
Letter for appointment of Nodal officer
Scrutinizer's Report of 31st AGM
Proxy Form and Attendance Slip 2016-2017
Scheme for Arrangement
RSIL Corporate Presentation 2017
Intimation of Annual General Meeting
Scrutinizer's Report - 30th AGM
Appointment Letters and Profiles of Independent Directors
Notice proposing candidature of Mrs. Meera Rajda
Nomination, Remuneration and Evaluation Policy
Notice of e-voting for 29th AGM
Outcome of BM dated 14.08.2015
Appointment Letters and Profiles of Independent Directors
Declaration of Results - 28th AGM
Result of Postal Ballot Process